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About Me

Ronnie Marie Mateu

Me mask_006 2.jpg

Since my early years, I was drawn to the behind the scenes world of movies, videos and photography.  From green screens, to CGI, to props, fake blood Fashion Brands, Fitness Brands and gory makeup, thats when everything changed!

The journey in the last 12 years have driven me to (on my own), study film, create moving pictures, and journal potential film stories.  Most importantly, I have educated myself to edit using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects.  Realizing my talents and skills, I pursued and obtained my Portfolio Certificate from The Creative Circus under the Photography/Image Program.  I want to highlight that in the history of the The Creative Circus, I am the first student to come out with a hybrid Portfolio Certificate in both, videography and photography.  During my time at The Creative Circus, I won the Best Image for DKNY Sports Collection 2021 and Gold (highest award) for DKNY Video from The Creative Circus Industry Professional Panel.  I am most proud of my D&AD New Blood International Awards 2021 Grey Poupon Commercial.

With me, you will get someone who is customer service driven, technically and digitally savvy in Social Media platforms.  I have demonstrated to lead others well, I am creative, collaborative and detailed oriented.  If you desire to bring someone unique to your team, contact me, you will find that I am funny, curious, caring, selfless and enthusiastic, and I speak Spanish :)

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